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Female Led Relationship is about Fulfilling yourself
The title of this article is true for both – Women and Men. A Female Led Relationship is about fulfilling yourself. Whether you are a submissive or a Dom, you need to feel fulfilled. For Dom – Feeling...
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The Importance of Consent in a Female Led Relationship
Once there was a couple who got into a Female Led Relationship after a lot of discussion and communication. The man introduced his wife to the FLR dynamic and the wife agreed to experiment with it. For...
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The Bible for Establishing "Tailor-Made Dominion" in your Female Led Relationship - For HER
Women learn about Domination and Submission through forums, podcasts, videos, and books available in the market and blogs/articles on the internet. They tend to establish the same rituals and practices,...
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A woman with Female Led Relationship femdom caption
Female Led Relationship or Just a Sexual Fetish?
BDSM world is infamous for its ‘impracticality’ in the minds of vanilla people. To be clear, BDSM stands for : Bondage and Discipline Domination and Submission Sadism and Masochism The bad reputation...
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Quick Erotica 8 – Divorce? No Chance
Two strangers in a bar started discussing about their wives. Tom – Well she’s good. Typical woman but I love her. She handles the home well & I earn the bread, so it’s going smooth. John...
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Dominant wife and submissive husband
Quick Erotica 7 – Who has got the best wife
George, Jack, Adam and Ian got together first time for a boy’s night out after getting married. They started discussing their sex lives. Adam said, “Let’s bet $10 each and the person with the best sex...
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