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Quick Erotica 8 – Divorce? No Chance

Two men having drinks and discussion in bar

Two strangers in a bar started discussing about their wives.

Tom – Well she’s good. Typical woman but I love her. She handles the home well & I earn the bread, so it’s going smooth.

John – Well, my wife makes me do all the household chores, clean her shoes, laundry, dishes, Foot and back massages. She orders me around and slaps and spanks me when I fail to obey. I’m her driver, butler, waiter, cook & what not. I have to wear clothes of her choice. Sometimes she humiliates me in public. She controls our sex lives and never cares about my orgasms. From the last 15 times, she’s the only one who’s having the orgasms.

Tom – Sorry to hear about that man, here, take my card. I am a divorce lawyer.

John – Lol, I am the happiest man alive!

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