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Why Female Led Relationships are not so common in india?

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India might be a developing nation but it is still very deeply connected to its ancestral values. These values cannot be judged as right or wrong but these surely play a major role in defining the dynamic of a majority of relationships these days.

Male as a gender has been thought to be more powerful and intelligent than female in the Indian society (or maybe society in general?). They are considered to be better decision-makers. A woman’s role is traditionally defined to be limited to handling household work and cooking for his male counterpart.

Now, the problem arises here. Any male, who treats his Wife Like a QUEEN, helps her in her household or even takes a stand for her in front of her in-laws is considered to be a ‘Henpecked Husband’. Even if the male partner is a better cook than his female counterpart, she is expected to handle all the cooking stuff. To add to this, even the female mindset is shaped and moulded with similar ideas since their childhood. They consequently feel guilty and find it wrong if they dominate their partners. They find it hard to let their partners serve them. They feel morally bad if the male partner puts her satisfaction above his. Even sexually, a female is conditioned that male satisfaction is of utmost priority in bed and she has a moral duty to keep him satisfied. Her satisfaction does not matter!

Even if a woman is strong enough to consensually take charge of her relationship, they will probably need to keep it a secret as the Indian Society interferes at its best. As soon as they are going to get even a slight hint of your dynamic, they’re going to start speaking shit about your relationship. Be prepared to hear things like –

“Oh, he’s a henpecked husband”

“He dances around her little finger”

“Pussy Whipped!”

“She is a sly & cunning woman who has got hold of this gullible and innocent man”

“God forbid, my son should get such a wife”

and so on…….

I am pretty sure that there are all kinds of people in India and FLR is more common than it is actually thought to be. But, the mindset of gender equality, acceptance of all kinds of relationship dynamics and acceptance of reversal of traditionally defined roles is still going to take time.

Personally, even I took more than a year to get comfortable with FLR as I also had similar conditioning. I am a strong, powerful and independent woman, capable of leading people, but I also had hesitation when asked to lead my relationship.

Anyhow, it is always good to share your fantasies with your partner. Maybe you get what you have always wanted. But “Be Careful What You Wish For”

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