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I’m not going to go into the basics of what an FLR is or how it works. There is a plethora of information available out there. BEWARE: there is ton lot of shitty material available as well, so before you firmly decide to never experience Female Led Relationship in your life, try to read some sensible blogs or forums instead of fantasy-based articles. There are a few sites out there that provide a more realistic view of what actually FLR is.

Well, I’ve read a lot on FLR, and I mean lots and lots of fiction, non-fiction, forums, QnA, podcasts, Youtube, xxx websites and anything else you can think of. I’m a curious person who just likes to go into depth of everything (that’s what she said!). But, and a big BUT, Femdom (or FLR) just doesn’t seem to have a bottom that you can reach. There is depth, and more depth and even deeper depth. There are layers after layers and as you go on exploring it more, more you get involved in it.

I started like most of the women, their man introducing FLR in the relationship.  A good thing that happened was that he was already fantasizing about it for a long time and he had great posts and Q&A to share with me. I could just read all the right information, that arose my interest before I myself started exploring and searching about Femdom relationships.

After surfing a bit, I realized how many people think FLR revolves just around some fantasies. But if you want to pursue FLR as a lifestyle, apologies for the spoiler, you cannot practically be in a play 24/7 ! (Now the tone of the article will be in respect of a romantic relationship between a male sub and female dom) I mean you would not even enjoy it 24/7, being chained and gagged and being spanked and being called a pathetic worm. At one point of time or another, you will feel emotional needs, you will want to feel pampered and loved. Below I’ve noted down my thoughts on FLR :

  1. FLR is not just about playtime all the time, it is as much of a lifestyle as vanilla. It actually requires more trust, communication and effort as compared to a vanilla relationship.
  2. Consensual FLR can re-ignite the courtship. Your partner can be much more loving, caring and obsessed with you than you could have ever imagined/experienced.
  3. FLR is dedicated to the female partner’s needs and desires. Even though it is mostly initiated by males, it is a very dedicated lifestyle focused on the female.
  4. It doesn’t compromise your already established relationship; it just adds a new layer of dynamic to that.
  5. FLR doesn’t give any partner the right to disrespect the other partner. ‘Consensual humiliation’ and ‘Disrespect’ are two different things.
  6. Female Led relationship does not imply that man has no importance, it simply implies that the female has the final say in the relationship. She can delegate her autonomy as per her judgment. She does not need to be in charge of everything if she does not want to.
  7. FLR is not about fantasy, it’s about making your partner feel empowered. It is about making her feel comfortable as herself. She can be more ‘She’. She does not adjust as per you, you have to adjust as per her.

I am blessed to have an FLR with my slave.  We had planned it for almost 1.5 years before actually going fully into 24/7 lifestyle. It is really important to discuss your fantasies, expectations and the dynamic of the relationship. FLR is popular for having wrong expectations in the minds of both partners. Usually, the Sub is more focussed on the kink part of the relation whereas the Dom is more focussed on the control part. They both have to find a sweet spot (which is obviously biased towards the Dom, DUH!)

Anyway, I’m going to keep posting about FLR and my lifestyle in particular. Long way covered and a long way to go. See you guys next time.

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