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Quick Erotica 7 – Who has got the best wife

Dominant wife and submissive husband

George, Jack, Adam and Ian got together first time for a boy’s night out after getting married. They started discussing their sex lives.

Adam said, “Let’s bet $10 each and the person with the best sex life wins”.

Everyone agreed.

George – “My wife gives me the sloppiest BJ you can ever imagine. She can make me come in seconds with her mouth.”

Jack – “My wife uses her vibrator while giving me a handjob and the orgasm with a vibrator can easily beat a sloppy blowjob.”

Adam – “My wife is a pro in every position. She sometimes uses a flashlight on my Dick and a vibrator on my perineum while masturbating me.”

Ian – “My wife keeps me locked and hasn’t let me cum in the last 6 months.”

They all silently took out $10 and handed them to Ian.

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