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Quick Erotica 6 – Think twice before you agree to prove your love

A woman with chastity key as necklace

“Hey baby, you remember when you got my name tattooed on your arm last year and it made me so happy? There’s this new trending procedure that couples are undertaking to prove their love for each other.” Jessica said.

“Sounds interesting, what is it?” Mark replied.

“So, it’s a harmless procedure called Key to Happiness. It involves a piercing on your body. I hope this should be fine.”

“I’ll do anything to prove my love for you. Where’s the piercing going to be?”

“Great, I knew you would not deny and I had already got the appointment booked for today. And the piercing part is a surprise, darling.” Jessica winked.

Since that day, Mark has been a slave to his wife and trapped in a Prince Albert chastity cage and Jessica proudly wears the ‘Key to Happiness’ as a necklace.

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