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Quick Erotica 5 – A precious lock

A couple having wine together

“You know Natasha, Joel has always been a player. Never for once in his life has he dated just one girl at a time. Kudos to you for bringing my best friend on the right path! I wonder what’s the secret?” Mark said.

“Let’s just say I know how to tame a wolf, Mark” Natasha winked while sliding her finger across her glass of wine “Don’t I dear?” she asked Joel.

Joel smiled at her and agreed.

“Well, we’re getting late and I think we should leave.” Natasha said as she got up from the table.

“You forgot your keys, Natasha.” Said Mark “What is this small key for in your keychain?” he continued.

“It is for a really special lock in which I keep a thing really precious to me.”

“Must be really special, I guess.” Mark added.

“Yes, it is so close to me that even Joel cannot have this key without my permission or access the locked contents. They’re just mine.”

“Even I don’t remember what’s inside the lock.” said Joel and smiled.

Mark gave an awkward smile and they all left.

“Good answer little boy, now go and get the car. I might even need a foot massage after we get home as these heels hurt.”

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