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Quick Erotica 4 – Telepathy

An Indian couple at a wedding

Maya and Sahil were at a wedding party. Maya was having drinks with her friends whereas Sahil was hanging out with the Groom and group.

“I think I need another drink”, Maya said. Sahil appeared at the spot the very next minute and asked, “Hey sweetheart, just wanted to check if you need anything?”

Maya told him to get another drink for her. Sahil nodded and got her one.

After some time, Maya sighed, “I think I can enjoy some snacks.” while using her phone. Sahil again appeared instantly and she told him to get some snacks. Her friends were surprised at how Sahil got to know each time she needed something. Maya smiled and said, “It’s like telepathy, we have a really good connection.”.

“I’m jealous.” One of her friends commented. “I’m glad I am able to reach out to her instantly, else Mistress Maya will increase the intensity of my penis shock collar from 2 to 5”, Sahil thought while enjoying with  his group.

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