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Quick Erotica 3 – New Employee at Work

An office woman with a chastiity key necklace

John was taking interviews for his new secretary. He saw a tall, young, blonde girl who came in with a key as her necklace. He immediately recognized what that key was for.

The submissive inside him got aroused. As soon as she entered the room, he stood up and greeted her. John asked her to show her documents and certificates. While she was taking them out of the folder, some of the papers fell down. He immediately went ahead and picked them up for her.

After the interview, as they both were leaving the room, John put her chair back in place and opened the door for her. “You’re quite a gentleman”, she said, while playing with her key.

“Thank you so much. Nice key on the necklace by the way”, John replied.

“I have an anklet that needs a key. I am willing to wear it if I am offered this job.”

We all know who’ll be the actual boss!

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