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Quick Erotica 2 – Mistress’s Sister

Two beautiful women in latex dress

Jack had always dreamt about FLR but did not have guts to confess in front of her girlfriend, Julia. Jack also had a fantasy of being a slave and serving Julia and her younger sister, Martha. He used to read similar erotica on his computer and masturbate secretly. One day, Julia told Jack that Martha is going to visit their home for a weekend.

When Martha arrived, Julia told Jack to bring the Wine and glasses from kitchen so that they all can enjoy some drinks. When Jack was pouring for Martha, a little bit of it got spilled on her shiny white dress. She got so furious that she slapped him really hard at that very moment. Jack just loved it deep inside but he felt ashamed as well. Julia shouted ” Martha! you have no right to slap my boyfriend like that!”.

Martha slapped him hard again and said, “Why not finally make him our slave sis? I think it’s the right time that you tell him that you are aware of his search history and how much the thoughts of dominating him turn you on”. Jack got another slap on his face, but this time from Julia! She said ,”I think my little sis is right, Slave!”

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