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Reading Recommendations for Female Led Relationship

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In this post I am going to list some of my recommended reads for Female Led Relationships. This list is by no Exhaustive and I refer to significant other FLR material as well. Here are some of the reads that are no-nonsense books. Just a disclaimer : These are instructional books and might not fulfil your fictional fantasies.

Also, you might not resonate with everything in these books. It is because every relationship is unique and there is no “One size fits all” in these books. You can learn from these books and then discuss/communicate openly with your partner.

1. The Hesitant Mistress – by Dvanna Hightower

This book is for total beginners who are trying to unlearn the conventional way for Dominant males and Submissive Females. It also tells why Woman should actually take charge and how they should establish an FLR.

2. Male Chastity A Guide for Key Holders – by Lucy Fairbourne

This is one of those rare books which actually explain the concept of Male Chastity in a less fantasized way. Although some of the topics seem far stretched but it helps you develop a sense of direction you need to think in.

3. Uniquely Rika – by Ms Rika

This is a gem for Femdom couple. One of the masterpieces out there that are just and truly amazing. There are other books in the “Uniquely” series, which are all a must read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

4. Worshipping Your Wife – by Mark Remond

This is also a classic Must Read book for gentlemen out there. Even Doms can read it to get a better understanding of expectations to keep from their submissive men. This book is focused on treating her like a queen and reignite the courtship in relationship.

5. Surrender, Submit, Serve Her – Key Barrett MSc

An Amazing Amazing read for everyone out there. Not to be missed! He himself mentions that this book should be read by the couple together and be discussed with each other throughout. Provide much more clarity about the foundations of FLR. Key Barrett also has a book about 14 days in chastity, which can be added in your collection as well. (Seems like only audible file is available on Amazon as of now.)

6. Be careful what you wish for – by Sarah Jameson

Simply stated – It is a no nonsense guide to chastity. It is totally non fictional and is written by the author based on her personal experience. This is a realistic book for anyone out there seeking knowledge about male chastity.

7. Marissa Rudder Books

She is one of the world’s most renowned author for FLR books. Her books are not my personal favorites but are a decent read. The only book which I truly truly recommend out of her collection is – REAL MEN WORSHIP WOMEN. Absolutely a great read.

8. She Comes First – by Ian Kerner

Not necessarily an FLR book but it is a must read for learning about female orgasms and cunnilingus. If you want to serve your Goddess orally, this book is the Bibie for you.

9. Books by Georgia Ivey Green

Must Must read books by this amazing author. She has written many books that are specifically targeted for Femdoms, Male Slaves, Chastity and Keyholders. Her books are so smooth read that you cannot feel exhausted while reading her books.

Well, these are some of the books that are in mygood books (pun intended) and I would recommend every new couple to go through them.

This is not an exhaustive list but a good start. There are books like “At her feet” , “She wants” or “Erotic Slavehood” which can also be referred to for further readings. Additionally you will find many 40-50 pagers – less recognized PDFs by random authors which also add a lot to your knowledge. The key is to be able to grab the valuable knowledge from wherever possible.

Along with these books are also available some well known forums for discussing FLR as well as some great blogs. The main motive is to continue growing and keep learning.

Hope this helps.

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