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The Importance of Consent in a Female Led Relationship

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Once there was a couple who got into a Female Led Relationship after a lot of discussion and communication. The man introduced his wife to the FLR dynamic and the wife agreed to experiment with it. For a few months, everything went smoothly. It was a gradual transition and the wife started taking more charge. She slowly transformed into the woman of his dreams.

She became selfish in bed but she was very considerate and always made sure that he’s happy and satisfied as well. She started giving more orders and overcame her hesitance. He was always very supportive and made sure that things were moving at her pace.

Till now the story seems like the perfect FLR, right? But things aren’t perfect in this world.

Later on, the wife started reading about Female Led Relationships, Femdom, kinks and fetishes on her own. She came across various articles and forums where she discovered that men are into humiliation and emasculation. She thought that she could try some dirty talks with her husband.

Their sex life was at her terms and it was pretty good. Before the introduction of FLR, they used to have regular sex and the husband performed decently in bed. But since she started denying him, he became more sensitive and whenever they used to have sex, he came very quickly. He knew that she wanted the sex to last longer and he tried his best to last as long as possible but still, a minute long was not enough to satisfy her lust. However, she compensated it with a lot more oral sessions for her.

One night, she decided to tease his cock after almost 3 weeks of denial. He was hypersensitive. She only teased him for 30 seconds and he already begged to stop else he would cum. She didn’t stop thinking that he could control, based on the past experience. He came very quickly. She ruined his orgasm but commented, “I wish it would have lasted longer”.

During the next week, she jokingly made remarks about how quickly he comes and how little he lasts in bed. After reading the forums, she was of the opinion that these naughty remarks were going to turn her husband on.

On the other hand, the husband, who had already been thinking about his performance time in bed, her remarks just made his mental state worse. He slipped into performance anxiety. The next time she wanted to have sex, he hid his nervousness and seduced her into oral sex instead of PIV. The other time, when he was unable to get erect, he made an excuse that he was too tired. At times, when he couldn’t escape from sex, he couldn’t get a strong hard-on but just hard enough to penetrate. He couldn’t enjoy the sex because his entire focus was on lasting longer rather than making love.

Look at the vicious circle. He couldn’t erect because she humiliated him and she humiliated him because he could not perform in bed.

An undiscussed kink can lead to the destruction of self-confidence. Read it again –

“An undiscussed kink can lead to the destruction of self-confidence”

He brought this up with her since they had always communicated openly. She apologized for not asking for his consent while introducing humiliation into the relationship dynamic. She reassured him that she was the most satisfied woman in this world.

Since the damage had already been done, it would obviously take time to heal, but it is not irreversible.

As a woman, it is your duty to boost the confidence of your man. You’re the most important woman in his life and his masculinity comes from you. If he can satisfy his Goddess and provide for her, it makes him feel successful. If you try to exploit his masculinity without consent, in a wrong way or in an unintended way, it can cause serious damage to his self-confidence.

You are the only one whose opinion actually matters to him. You can make or break his self-esteem and it is your duty to make sure that your submissive is feeling emotionally fulfilled. He is making every effort to please you. He has even surrendered his sexual control to you. His most intimate desires our in your hands. It gives you a responsibility to be always considerate and make sure that he is feeling content in the relationship.

To clarify, he cannot blame you for everything. For example, if he has been facing an issue for the past few months but he did not bring it up to you, you cannot be blamed. You aren’t a mind reader. If he is not going to communicate, you cannot understand the problem. You are not a mind reader.

The most important thing is to talk and sort.

Before introducing any kink in the relationship, it is very important to make sure that both parties want it. Whether it is a kink that people think is very common and it is implied that both parties would be fine with it or whether it is a kink which uncommon, consent is the most important!

Happy Dominating.

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