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Female Led Relationship is about Fulfilling yourself

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The title of this article is true for both – Women and Men. A Female Led Relationship is about fulfilling yourself. Whether you are a submissive or a Dom, you need to feel fulfilled.

For Dom –

Feeling fulfilled in an FLR is the main goal for you. Since you are in charge, you can focus on what makes you happy. I am absolutely not implying that you become a heartless bitch who just focuses on herself. What I am implying is that you can put yourself first in the relationship. You can be comfortable with a relationship biased towards you.

You can put your manicure treatments above his soccer game. You can start shopping in the mall while he parks the car. You can schedule the weekend routine for both of you. You can plan the itinerary for the trips. You can assume financial control. You can follow your passion with his support. You can get delicious meals. You can rule in the bed. You can enjoy the party while he brings drinks for you. You can delegate the tedious tasks. You can let him handle all the orders and deliveries and so on.

Basically, you can do everything that makes you feel content and happy in your relationship and makes your life easier. As I mention in many of my articles, I assume you’re in an SSC FLR. (Safe, Sane and Consensual Female Led Relationship)

The whole idea is to let yourself feel free and expect your man to support you and your decisions. I know that reaching this state of mind where you can prioritize yourself is difficult. But think about it, your man has consensually agreed to surrender to you.

He has willingly submitted himself to your will. He wants you to feel confident as a Dom. He wants you to take charge. He wants you to be the happiest woman alive. Finding such a devoted man is nearly impossible in today’s world. Wouldn’t you want to embrace this treasure that you have?

Moreover, why feel guilty? He is a submissive. Just like an adventurous person feels fulfilled by thrill, a submissive man feels fulfilled by Dominance. You want your partner to be happy, right? Rule over him. It is fulfilling you as well as him. But remember, SSC FLR.

For Sub –

Fulfillment for a submissive is different from a Dom. He feels fulfilled when his Dom is satisfied. He makes countless efforts, goes out of his way, and sometimes even learns new skills just to be able to serve his Dom.

In return, he expects his Dom to feel fulfilled and satisfied. That smile on her face when he serves her is his reward.

When she lets him serve her, he feels good because he realizes that she is overcoming her hesitations. He feels happy that she is embracing her Dominant side. He feels happy that his efforts and continuous support are bearing fruit.

His fulfillment comes from her. Once a couple gets into a Female Led Relationship, his satisfaction is dependent on her fulfillment. A true submissive man does a devotional service and does not expect something in return. All he expects is his Dom’s acknowledgment and satisfaction. If he is serving for a reward, that is not being submissive, that is just being kinky (and transactional)

For couple –

You both need to be open and honest about your likes, dislikes, motivations and feelings. Open communication is the key to the right expectations. Discussing your fulfillment drivers will help you both understand each other better.

He will get to know what kind of service is she expecting, what kind of behavior is she expecting, what are her hesitations, her mental hurdles, etc.

She will get to know why he wants to be a submissive in the first place, what makes him serve her, does he expect a reciprocating reward, how he ranks his needs vs hers in the relationship, etc.

You both entered into this dynamic so that you both could be happy. Not because one partner is just giving and the other is just receiving. If one partner just gives and gives, he will get exhausted one day. Make sure both of you are fulfilled, only then you would be considered a happy FLR couple.


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