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Long Distance in a Female Led Relationship

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Long distance(LD) in a relationship is the true test of the foundation of a relationship. We all have faced ourselves or encountered examples of relationships that have ended due to long distance. LD relationships are difficult to sustain even for vanilla couples, let alone kinky couples.

People feel blanked out when facing LD in a Female Led Relationship. It is so because they have mostly encountered vanilla relationships in their lives. Even the media advocates and talks about vanilla relationships in most mainstream movies. So, we have a little idea about how to sustain FLR over long distance.

The good news is, I am hereby going to give you some basic tips to sustain an LD FLR along with a list of example tasks for Him and Her to keep the kink spirit high and alive even with the long distance.

Some Basic Tips –

  1. Clear and Honest Communication – I have always stressed this and am going to do it again. Any relationship can not be sustained without honest and clear communication. You need to be truthful to your partner about your feelings. Emotional roller coasters are a very common part of LD relationships. So, do not feel ashamed to express yourself and your feelings in front of your partner. Do not type things and then ‘backspace’ them. Speak your heart out. You would want your partner to do the same, right? When you both are physically together, it is easy to read the body language or your partner’s face. But in an LD, it is just texts or voice, so it is always better to be expressive.
  2. Loyalty and Commitment – It is easier to get distracted in an LD. Since you are a human with virtually no control over your hormones, your body can illude you into believing that you are developing feelings for someone else. You may feel attracted or infatuated to a new person in your life. This is the time when you must prove your loyalty and stay focussed on your partner.
    Cheating is not just about getting physically involved with other people. Not being fully committed to your partner is also categorized as cheating. Suppose, your partner tells you not to masturbate for the next 3 days but you were feeling super horny and you just jerked off but did not tell your partner at that time. This is a lack of commitment on your end. It starts with small things but gradually develops into bigger things and might even lead to questioning the authority of your woman as a Dom.
  3. Priority – If you and your partner were living together, they would always be your priority, right? So why does this not happen in LD relationships? You need to make them feel special. You need to make them feel that they are still the most important thing in your life. Your partner needs to feel that they are wanted and desired by you, irrespective of the distance between you both.
  4. Small things – Relationships are not run by a few large things but many small things. Do not fail to wish each other in mornings and nights. Express your love for them. Tell them how much you miss them. Share memes with them. Reply to their messages as soon as you can. Small gestures of love make a huge difference!

The above points are generic and apply to a traditional vanilla relationship as well. It is just that we need to be more communicative and expressive in a Femdom relationship. Now let us jump into the fun stuff! I know you are waiting for the kinky stuff. Well, here are some ideas that a Domme and a sub can practice in a Long Distance Female Led Relationship –

Ideas for Her –

  1. Set up daily rituals for your submissive.
  2. Give him affirmations that he has to send you each morning – either in video or voice note format. Tell him to speak the date first so that you know it is not pre-recorded.
  3. During COVID times, I asked my slave to send me a video in which he behaved like a dog, naked and wiggled his ass. It was fun to watch.
  4. Keep strict control over his orgasms.
  5. Tell him to book appointments for you. For example, booking a specific time on a specific date in a specific salon for specific services.
  6. Tell him to book Uber for you at a specified time for the specified destination.
  7. Instruct him to research, study, find, and filter out suitable articles on the topic that you want to study and learn more about.
  8. Your submissive should keep track of all your credit card cycles and remind you of all the bills that are due.
  9. You can also take charge of his physical fitness. For example, he should have to send you a picture of the designated number of steps completed each day or a specific number of calories burnt each day.
  10. You can also assign your sub a task to work on self-improvement. Maybe you can recommend him a book or tell him a course to do. I personally told my sub to learn nail art. I love it when he does my nails <3
  11. This one is for Tease and Denial. Whenever on a video call with your slave, just show your face and deprive him of any visual contact with your body.
  12. You can even play with yourself during the call and tell him how much you are enjoying this. But do not let him see anything except your face.
  13. Another tease is to ask him to rub some toothpaste on his balls and keep it there for one hour.

Ideas for him – (All the above-mentioned points should be reciprocated at the man’s end. Some additional points are below -)

  1. You can write romantic messages, poems, or even personalized erotica to make your Mistress feel special.
  2. Inform her about the status of any task that she assigns you. She should not have to chase you to get updates about the orders she gave.
  3. Make sure her cellular service and wifi are recharged on a regular basis. Keep track of her billing cycles.
  4. Send her her favorite food as a surprise.
  5. Keep a journal of your feelings, things that you liked the most during the day, things that you did not, and share that with your Dominant.
  6. Be extremely obedient and disciplined towards the sexual routine that she sets for you.
  7. Use this LD time to learn about foot massages, back rubs, hand massages, etc. Surprise your Mistress with your skillset when you meet her.
  8. Do not fail to compliment her pictures and videos. Do not fail to prove to her that she is your Dream Girl.

You can either directly use these ideas or get a direction from them and then apply your creativity. There are a lot of card or dice games as well that you can incorporate. You can also find plenty of punishment ideas online. (Let me know if you want me to do a separate post for that)

I know Femdom in long distance can feel difficult, especially for new couples. You might still be able to maintain the romance but maintaining kink can feel like an exhausting task because you feel like you have run out of ideas. It is ok to feel like this and it is natural. It happens to everyone. Just know that you guys are in this together and do not be afraid to discuss and try out new ideas.

Keep Dominating 😊

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