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Can a Dom do Anything in a Female Led Relationship?

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If a Dominant woman were to ask a submissive man, ”What can you do for me as my submissive?”, his instant answer would be “Whatever you want me to do for you, Mistress.”

It is a common theme that runs inside a man’s head that, if he is submissive, he is bound to do anything and everything his Mistress asks him to do. He is to accept her way of living, he is to accept her fantasies, her choices and decisions and he is to become her puppet who dances at her will. The question is, does a Female Led Relationship actually imply that the woman can really do anything she wants and the man is bound to obey?

It is a fair point to say that she can do whatever she wants because she is the Dominant in the relationship. One would assume that she can stop him from going out for weekend parties, she can make him wear panties, she can humiliate him, she can cage him or she can cuckold him just because she is the Dom and everything is under her control. Well, it isn’t as straightforward. There is an underlying assumption in a Female Led Relationship that “The woman is sane and logical enough to make sensible decisions”.

Many men go out and let a woman dominate them because they are willing to accept Femdom and fulfill their kinks. They do not think that letting a woman dominate them is far more than just some playtime. A Dom has a responsibility to make decisions. She is responsible for making sure that the emotional needs of her submissive are being met. She is responsible for carrying FLR forward along with her sub. If you, as a submissive, are looking for a Dom, you should make sure that she is intellectual and capable enough to make smart decisions that are in the best interests of both of you. Also, a Dom is much more than just a kink dispenser. A Dom is someone who respects your boundaries, listens to you, is your confidant, and someone on whom you can rely.

A good Dom would never intentionally cross a boundary or move past your hard limits. She knows that even if it is a Female Led Relationship, you both are partners in this relationship. This FLR cannot work if either of you withdraws. This implies that an FLR has to be consensual! There cannot be any domination or submission without consent.

This logic applies to fantasies as well. A Dom cannot just implement any fantasy that she wants in the relationship. For example, she cannot become a polygamous wife(or Hotwife) or start cuckolding her husband just because she fantasizes about it and she is in charge.

Just as she would not want to be involved in some of the fantasies that her sub has, he would not want to be involved in some fantasies that she has and it is absolutely fine! The fantasies, fetishes and kinks need to be consensual and well-discussed. Both the partners need to communicate their kinks and any rules/ regulations/ fantasies should be well discussed before being implemented.

There are cases where the wife can actually push boundaries and go against the will of her partner. For example, if the husband wants her to take him out of the chastity cage and pleads her to do so, she can still extend his sentence and keep him locked. They both know that he has a safeword that he can use in case of emergency or when it is absolutely necessary. Till then, even if he portrays that he is not enjoying the cage, he can be actually enjoying and pleading is just a part of his chastity fantasy. This is a safe play till the time he is not using the safeword. Respect is one of the basic pillars of an FLR.

If both partners respect each other’s role and adapt to each other’s behavior, the Female Led Relationship is bound to succeed. The man should not get lost in his fantasy world and form unrealistic expectations from his Dom and the Dom should not get lost in doing anything she wants and completely ignore her partner but maintain a healthy balance.

The power exchange is not a one-way street but a collaborative journey built on trust, care, and a shared commitment to each other’s needs and boundaries.

2 thoughts on “Can a Dom do Anything in a Female Led Relationship?”

  1. Not only are some women simply not interested in FLR, some women don’t have moral standards to make it work. My first wife was a narcasist and FLR would have been a disaster. The man must choose the right woman before considering adding this dynamic to the relationship.

    1. I believe that more than 90% of the women want to dominate.
      But they want to do it in a subversive and covert way, because then, they can always put the blame on the male.
      They just want to crush the male.
      Ever wondered why it is called “female led relationship” and not “woman led relationship”?

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