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Mistress uses me as a Sex Toy! I feel mixed emotions

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You started Femdom relationship with your partner. If you (the sub) initiated this relationship, probably she would be hesitant in the beginning in almost all aspects. She would be hesitant to give you orders, she would be hesitant to take charge in bed and she would resort to a total vanilla lifestyle every once in a while.

You kept your patience and supported her in all aspects. You did not want to rush into things. You allowed her to take her time in adapting to her role as the Dominant. But here’s an interesting thing. The graph of her dominance in a Femdom relationship is not a straight line. It is a curved line. It is an exponential graph. It slowly moves upward, slower than a straight line and then suddenly blasts upside.

Once she starts realising how powerful she is in a Female Led Relationship, she will take charge of things faster than you would have imagined! Actually, it’s you who would get less than expected time to adjust to her Dominion, as till now, you were the one leading things, even as a sub. You were the one teaching her about various aspects and introducing her to new things. But now the time has changed. She has now unleashed her inner Goddess who gets what she wants and knows what she needs.

She knows that she is the priority in the relationship and you are there to serve her and to focus on fulfilling her needs. She is going to get her physical, emotional, domestic and any other needs you can think of fulfilled through you. She now treats you like a slave as you have always wanted her to. Interestingly, you would also have needs and opinions but she is the priority now and she is going to keep her needs above yours. (It is nothing to worry about till the time everything is consensual!)

Let’s focus on Sexual Needs for now. Now she is much more focused on her orgasms and physical satisfaction than yours. She no longer feels an obligation to ‘Return the Favour’. She knows that you enjoy seeing her enjoy. She can be totally herself in bed, without any judgments or expectations. You might feel sexually used in bed. It is a normal feeling to get initially as you might not be habitual to losing control or not getting sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Even though you have always fantasized about being used as a sex toy in your relationship, you might get mixed feelings when it actually happens.

Even though you have jerked off yourself to Tease and Denial videos, you might not get used to it very easily.

You might feel frustrated, disrespected or even unequally treated in your relationship when these things start happening. But you should know that this is making your Mistress happy. You should know that FLR is all about her and not you.

You should share the emotions that you are experiencing. You should try to NEVER burst out in frustration in front of her. You should be expressive about your feelings but you should be sensible too. You are the one who initiated this Female Led Relationship and by bursting out, you are giving a signal that this is not what you actually want. Chances are, that this is the sexual frustration that is finding its way out or maybe the sense of losing your power in the relationship is too much for you to handle. Seeing you sad and angry can demotivate her to Dominate you. She might feel that her dominance makes you unhappy.

You need to keep your calm and behave maturely because she is using you physically without crossing any limits (and it is all consensual, remember?). She still loves you. She still wants you to orgasm and feel satisfied but only at her will. She still wants sex, a lot of it! But she wants to play the lead role during intimacy. She wants to be in control. She wants to be Dominant. She wants to have orgasms. And the best part? She expects and wants all these things from you! You are her knight in shining armor.

So don’t hesitate to be her sex toy. Enjoy this journey and keep her satisfied.


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