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How does a typical day look like in my Female Led Relationship

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As an experienced couple in a Female Led Relationship for more than 2 years now, I am going to share what a typical day looks like in our day.

Spoiler Alert: It does not involve whips or paddles or my slave waiting naked on his knees when I come back from the office.

The task of my slave is to make my life easier. So, he does everything during the day which helps me complete my work faster and more efficiently. If anyone would spy on us and keep track of our daily lives, to him we are going to look like a couple where the man is an extreme gentleman and makes every effort to see his woman happy.

The day typically starts with my slave waking up 1.5 hours earlier than me, somewhere around 7.30 am. He is an early riser. He is specifically instructed to not make any noise when I am sleeping. If he wants to do any cooking, that has to be done silently, else he should cook only after 8.45 AM.

I need my herbal tea when I wake up so he keeps it ready and then we both spend our morning in our individual spaces. If I have to go to the office, I give him the clothes that I need to wear and he irons them. I also ask for his help in packing my lunchbox and snacks for the day.

On the days when I go to the office, I prefer him to stay at home so that he can open the door of for our maid, who usually comes in the evening. Many times, my parcels might also arrive in my absence, for this reason, I always put his cellphone number, so that he can receive them and I am not disturbed during my office hours.

When I come back from the office, we both spend quality time together talking about each other’s day. Before sleeping, each night my slave has to soak dry fruits as well as my herbal tea. I also decide the menu for the next day and he makes sure that we have all the ingredients the next morning before our cook arrives.

When I am at home, the day typically looks the same apart from the fact that he is always available at my call. If I want a cup of hot water, or my laptop’s charger or just a warm hug, he is just one call away. He knows that instant obedience makes me happy and thus, he is always very polite and obedient.

Now, to make it clear, even if I am the dom, I like to do household chores. For example, many times I fold the clothes after they been have washed and dried by my slave. I also rack the dishes after they have been dried. I sometimes even prefer to cook. The point I am trying to make here is that I am doing all this as per my choice. I can easily make him do each of these stuff but it is my choice to do these tasks.

Talking in terms of sex, we both are in agreement that I have total sexual control in our relationship. He is allowed to initiate sex but it is up to me if I want to have sex or not. Whether he gets to cum during sex or not is also under my control. Many times. I just take oral pleasure from him and then we get back to our work. In other instances, I might give him a great handjob. If I wish I also edge him a few times and then ask him to put his clothes back on without any climax. We are extremely happy and satisfied with our relationship and the dynamic that we have. It does not look like porn or erotica. It is realistic and sustainable. I do not need leather, high heels, latex, whips, paddles, chastity cage or CFNM to feel like a Dom. His attitude towards me is enough to remind me that I am in charge.

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