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Practical Slavery in a Female Led Relationship

When someone thinks of slavery in Femdom, he usually thinks of a collared male slave locked in chastity sitting on the floor waiting for the next order from his ‘Flawless Mistress’ sitting on a throne. All thanks to the media culture for moulding our minds to think of slavery like this.

However, we all know that it is not possible to have such a lifestyle for a romantic couple looking to explore (or already exploring) a Female Led Relationship. It can be incorporated as a part of a scene but 24/7 implementation of this kind of dynamic sounds a bit unrealistic.

However, I’m NOT AT ALL DENYING the fact that 24/7 slavery is possible.

In fact, as many of you know, I do have a 24/7 slave. However, we both are far from 24/7 collars, chains, leashes, spankings, etc. We do have fun. We do have scenes. But we are also able to understand what practical slavery is and how we can implement it in the contemporary world.

Moreover, I’m not a strict woman who micromanages everything. I like an easy-going life and I’m glad my slave helps me with that. We had to go through a period (a couple of years) of training where I had to teach him things and to do stuff my way. I even had to scold him at times because of repeated mistakes. It is difficult for an adult to change his lifestyle and adopt new habits, isn’t it?

Earlier, I had to get into a Dom mindset to act dominant. I had to ACT dominant. It was a phase, I guess. Now the truth has changed. I no longer act Dominant with my slave. I am the DOMINANT! This truth is as much established as the fact that the sun rises from the east. The establishment and acceptance of the act fact that I’m the dominant and he is the slave got us and our relationship to the next stage where we did not need to act to our roles.

Just like we were girlfriend and boyfriend earlier, we were now Mistress and slave. So, a simple act of bringing me a cup of coffee was as much an act of submission as worshipping my feet. We had a change in our mindsets. Now whatever he did for me was not just as my partner but as a slave.

I had trained him. I had molded him. I had made him the perfect tailor-made slave that I needed. Now is the time to reap the benefits of the investment I had made. Now I do not need to manage him at every step. I just instruct him and he completes the task as per my requirements and expectations.

I realized that I did not want to be a slave to the dynamic. It is a common phenomenon to become a slave to the D/s dynamic. What I am trying to is that I did not want to act dominant or give certain instructions or dress a certain way or behave in a certain manner just because I’m the dominant. I do not want to prove true to my role through these petty things. I did not want to be a slave to the dynamic.

Rather, I would focus on how this dynamic can make my life easier. Rather, I would focus on complete obedience and servitude from my slave. I would rather want to be served and obeyed than having to indulge in a fantasy just to prove true to our Dynamic.

All time roleplay is not needed because it is no longer a roleplay, it is our dynamic.

I’m the MISTRESS and he is the slave!

This is what practical slavery is. Dominance and submission is a mindset that is expressed through actions. A good submissive mindset does not focus on how to get another release but on how to satisfy the Dom. Similarly, a good dominant mindset is focused on the best interests of both partners rather than performing sexual acts on a limp body.

Practical slavery is putting her needs first.
Practical slavey is not acting submissive but being submissive.
Practical slavery is focussing on her.
Practical slavery is more in the mind.
Practical slavery is proven through actions.

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